Jerry Chapman

Jerry Chapman

Put Me Together

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Jerry Chapman combines the bounce-around energy of the Barenaked Ladies, the hooks of The Beatles, the spiritual integrity of Jars of Clay, the literate songwriting of Bruce Springsteen and the primal rock power of The Ramones. Sound impossible? Maybe, but it’s an awful lot of fun to watch.

After graduating from Furman University, Jerry toured extensively throughout the southeast with Urban Edge & Two Pound Planet. He followed up on their success by forming Life in General, who have gone on to perform over 1,500 shows in the U.S. and Australia!

Armed with three solo CDs, Making God Laugh, Rumors of my Death, and Put Me Together, a cross-country tour under his belt, and a healthy dose of 70’s and 80’s “one hit wonder” songs to play on a lark, audiences across America should get ready to have a good time!

Festivals and Fairs? No problem. Auditoriums? You betcha. Opening for a national act? He’s happy to take them on. Jerry’s been known to carry acoustic and electric guitars, an accordion, a mandolin, a toy piano and a bunch of other cool stuff — and he’s not afraid to use them!

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