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Much has been said lately about heroes. The simple fact is the world needs them. Firefighters, rescue workers, politicians – and yes – musicians.

The Heroes took their name months before September 11. They are not trying to save the world, nor do they put themselves on the same level as the heroes who have emerged since the terrorist attacks. They just want to help make you smile and enjoy life.

“The Heroes are about rock and roll songs,” front man Mike Butterworth contends. “This record is edgier than my other band.”

Butterworth’s other band is the critically acclaimed roots rock foursome The Nadas. As their co-founder, Butterworth has written some of the Nadas’ most memorable music, from the heartwarming “Dancing Lucinda” to the effervescent “Beautiful Girl”.

With four albums and more than six years fo touring under their collective belt, The Nadas decided in the fall of 2001 to finally scale down their schedules. “Instead of getting a nine to five I decided to start this project.” Butterworth explains.

His first move was to record a ten-song record called Prettier World in Des Moines in less than two weeks. Long time friend and Nadas drummer, Tony Bohnenkamp penned one of the tunes as well as lent his drumming skills to the record. Bass player Curtis James fills out the low end on bass guitar.

The Heroes touring group has since become an ever changing line-up with Butterworth at the helm. The players will be different from night to night depending on who is out touring with someone else. “It is actually pretty cool to get the different influences on the songs depending on who is playing” Butterworth admits.

Prettier World features the same sort of pop music touch that has always lingered through Butterworth’s writing with the Nadas. “I like the way my buddy described the music to me one time. He called it the two headed baby of Train and Foo Fighters.”

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