Dick Prall Update

Hello, all… the summer is fairly tame and should continue to be so for a spell. Last year’s summer was full of recording and shows, so I’ve asked the powers that be to allow me a little down time over the next month or so to get my bearings, get back to writing, and to just generally live a brief sloth-like existence.

Folks have been receiving the latest record well and I’m anxious to venture into some new territory/venues this coming fall and to start rolling out what will hopefully be a new record in ’09. I’ve recently become obsessed with ‘70s Paul Simon stuff, baroque music, Imogen Heap, and the Arctic Monkeys (yes, I’m a little late), so who knows what is going to fall out of my head when it comes to writing and recording. Maybe manically orchestrated accessible acoustic pop that works best when driving really fast in a brand new Japanese car while playing your PSP as your girlfriend recites Sir Thomas Browne . . . yeah. maybe something like that. ~ Dick

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