Artist Update : Dick Prall

Ahhh the smell of newness…

Well, we have a historic election behind us and now the real work begins – preparing rock shows. We’re busting our bootys in getting ready for the next run of shows in December, which entails getting our new drummer, new lead guitar slinger, and new keyboard/sax/guitar/flute/whateverthehellelse player familiar with all the tunes. After only a couple o’ practices, I’ve been leaving rehearsals with a giant smile on my face ‘cuz this configuration is quite the boon. It’s pretty much the pinnacle of talent, and I’m the charmed lad who gets to share the stage with ‘em, folks.

If you’re in the Chicago area, then pop out to the Double Door on December 4th to see the inaugural performance of the new group. And for the Iowa contingency, we’ll be taking our wares to Des Moines’ People’s Court on December 12th and Davenport’s Redstone Room on December 13th. The latter a reunion with our dear mates the Nadas. (Extra livers will be packed.)

I hope the year is promising to end on a high note for all of you and I equally hope that you’re able to come see our looming antics…


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