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Iowa-bred and Chicago-based Dick Prall never meant for his love of food to find its way into his songwriting talents. His albums have been called “a box of chocolates for your ears.” (Performing Songwriter Magazine). His tunes have even been likened to potato chips, “…wise, crisp and tasty.” (Momzine). And his early diet of melodic lyricists, from Buddy Holly to John Lennon to Elvis Costello, mixed with his brilliant storytelling and his love for the guitar, help define his own blend of songwriting. Shying away from critics’ placement into genres like “power-pop,” “rootsy” or “indie rock,” Dick Prall has triumphed in the creation of his own musical genre: porch pop. No everyday pop, this genre evokes the sonic midway between Bob Dylan and Andrew Bird, between Josh Rouse and Wilco, between chocolate and potato chips.

After releasing three critically-acclaimed albums – Somewhere About Here (1998), Dressing Up The Failure (2001), and Fizzlebuzzie (2005) – Prall has recently debuted, Weightless. This latest collection of tunes — sometimes cathartic, other times crass, but always catchy — shows you a side of Prall’s ability to craft an album with emotive power and sincere songwriting that bucks pretension. His carefulness in not taking the heaviness too seriously makes it easy to embrace the crisp chords and sweet croon wrapped around his simple sounding, yet complex and intricate songwriting. With an album as satisfying as Weightless, Dick Prall continues to feed our ears with tastemaking tunes.

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