The Nadas Haiti Tribute

I don’t normally just post press releases, but this is a good cause with a lot of info. My copy of “Almanac” came in the mail today. I look forward to giving it a listen this weekend. – Joe Lawler for Metromix Des Moines

Press release starts here:

The bands new album, Almanac, is set for release on March 16th through Authentic Records and included on this unique album is a poignant song called “Wrecking Ball”.  Eerily, the lyrics reflect much of what is happening right now with the victims and rescue workers after the devastating earthquake struck Haiti earlier this week.  “If we stand together….” sings frontman Mike Butterworth.  “All we really want is to stand united. All we really need is to just hold on, And we’ll withstand colliding with this human wrecking ball… If I could take away the things that bring you pain; if I could make the sun shine through the pouring rain.”

Moved by the images coming from the devastated country, the band was determined to help in any way possible. Spontaneously, the band entered their studio this morning to re-work a new, live version of “Wrecking Ball.”  It was all streamed live for their fans to watch and experience as they recorded as well. You can see the process by clicking: Singer/guitarist Jason Walsmith has also edited a video montage of images from the riddled Haiti. This moving tribute can be seen here.

The new version of “Wrecking Ball” will be available through the bands website, starting today, with all proceeds being donated directly to “Yele Haiti”, a charity begun in 2005 by the Haitian musician, Wyclef Jean.  The song will be priced at $1.00 and there is an option for additional voluntary contributions.

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