Free She Swings, She Sways tunes!

Yes. You read that right, FREE tunage from She Swings, She Sways. Just head on over to PureVolume ( to download 6 songs off their EP Six Sad Songs. And while you’re at it, be sure to give ‘em some feedback on what you think on their Facebook page (

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  • Thanks for spreading the good word! We really love how this album turned out. I had the idea for a new EP after hearing a song that lead guitarist Wes had recently written. The idea? Each member of the band would write a sad song to be recorded and released on Valentine’s Day. The result? Six Sad Songs. A soulful and moving 6-song EP that’s sure to have the listener singing and crying along after just a few listens.

    With it being free, it’s just our way of giving something back to all our fans who have supported us over the years and also, hopefully it gets them off our backs about the new album. At least for a couple more months.


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