Scenester: Bonne Finken

Wanna get to know Bonne Finken a bit better? Take a peek at this Q&A session by Joe Lawler:

Scenester: How a singer found her voice by Joe Lawler for the Des Moines Register

Bonne Finken, 30, is the frontwoman for Bonne Finken & The Collective. She opens for The Nadas March 4 at the Maintenance Shop in Ames.

Finding her own song: At 21, Finken was diagnosed with cancer. The scare was enough to motivate her to finally take to the stage. “I asked myself ‘What do I like to do?’ I like to sing,” Finken said. “I’d always dreamed about it and written my own songs since I was 15. Live is short, do what you want to do.”

First album she ever bought: “I want to say Paula Abdul’s ‘Forever Your Girl.’ It might have been on tape.”

What having her own band means to her: “I guess that I earned some stripes is one way to put it,” Finken said. “Good is the only thing that comes to mind. It’s hard, but I wouldn’t trade it and go back.”

Working on a new album: Finken’s debut, “Soul on Display,” came out in 2008. She recently started work on a follow-up, “Expectation Fall,” which she expects to finish in six to seven months.

What she’s been listening to lately: Regina Spektor, Breaking Benjamin, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. “This is It” (the Michael Jackson concert film) opened me up to a lot of old songs I used to listen to all the time.”

Show she’s looking forward to: Keri Noble, Friday at the Des Moines Social Club. “She has a song on Kelly Clarkson’s new album, and her voice is amazing from what I can tell.”

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