Vote for Jason LeVasseur!

Congratulations Jason! Jason LeVasseur has been nominated for ‘Best Small Venue Performer‘ by Campus Activities Magazine. But to win he needs your vote! Go to and vote for Jason!

In his words, “I was nominated for an award again this year… and every vote really does count! Please vote in the “Best Small Venue” category. If you’re not in school anymore… well, you were at some point and I’m sure your school has a name… and that’s good enough for the vote!” Head on over to Campus Activities Magazine’s site to vote! And while you’re at, why not sign up for Jason’s newsletter? You’ll receive little chestnuts of wisdom such as this, “Folk Wisdom” Day 21 – Bad decisions make good stories.”

And last but not least, we enjoyed this video and thought maybe you would to. It features Jason’s song The Steps of Saint Patrick’s:

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