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During multiple trips to Austin, TX for the annual SXSW (Professional conference equivalent for the Music & Film Industry), we get the opportunity to see tons of music. some we have heard and are already fans of, some we run across and become fans of. First time I came across this band, Uncle Lucius from South Austin, TX, was on the way home after a weekend of fun (I mean professional conferencing). They were actually set up in the airport terminal jamming. Where else in the world other than Austin can you find a live band playing in the airport terminal? Well anyway, I had the chance to hear a couple of songs before I boarded the plane for home. Thought they were really good, so I looked them up online, bought a couple of songs, and pencilled them in as a must see for next year’s SXSW.

By the following year, I had already downloaded as many of their songs that I could, and was hooked. We all discuss at the beginning of SXSW, who everyone wants to see. Uncle Lucius was the only thing on my list. One midnight, we went to see them play at a local hole in the wall and they did not disappoint. These guys are old school cool. When you see them take the stage, you can’t help to think to yourself “These guys are rock stars”. Not only are they rock stars, some of the friendliest wholesome musicians you will find anywhere, simply put, really nice guys.

Made up of Kevin Galloway on vocals and rhythm guitar, Mike Carpenter on lead guitar, harmonica and vocals, Hal Vorpahl on bass and pulled together by Josh Greco on drums, Uncle Lucius has a sound remnant of 1970′s southern rock with a modern twist that you do not hear on the radio today, a sound that could be compared to the Black Crowes and make the Allman Brothers proud.

There first album from 2006 Something They Ain’t, gives the listener a chance to break into their unique sound with great vocals and guitar licks. The lyrics to Liquor Store make you have flash backs to the south in the 70′s. I am not sure if Kevin lived that life or not, but his soulful delivery makes you think he did. 97 Reasons will make you get up off your couch and move a bit, the number one reason is some really cool guitar playing by Mike Carpenter.

The most recent studio record from 2009′s Pick Your Head Up shows the quick evolution and maturity of the band after three years of playing together. The second track off of that album, Everybody Got Soul, is the band’s mantra. They have soul, and after you here it live, you too will have soul!! I have never been to San Bernardino, but the song by that title really shows that UL can slow it down and let the lyrics and rhythm shine through. Makes you want to get in the car and drive west. Probably the most radio friendly song, Ain’t It the Same brings out lyrics that we all have felt like saying for years.

In 2010, the band recorded a live show at the world renowned Saxon Pub, entitled appropriately Live From the Saxon Pub.
This album showcases the “Soul” that the band has and gives you an idea of how really entertaining they are live. Mike Carpenter gets to show off his vocal chords on Fire On The Rooftop, a live favorite. The album finishes you off with a 15 minute version of Liquor Store allowing Hal, Josh and Mike to show some mad skills that makes you keep coming back for more.

Recently the fellas headed up to the mountains of East Tennessee to hide out and write some new stuff. Be looking for the next album to come out soon, we are sure it will be a good one.

Another reason we love these guys at Authentic, is they are going all out. They have been hitting the road for the last year easily playing more than 150 shows, from New York to California and back to Texas again. Try and get out and show ‘em some love when they play in your town, tell them Authentic sent you. The only way a band can make it these days is if people show up to watch them play and buy some merchandise.

Everybody Got Soul  link| Liquor Store link| Ain’t It The Same link
• Review Written By: Brian Smith

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