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Little Village Review: Wasted Love Songs

Little Village Review: She Swings She Sways – Wasted Love Songs

Wasted Love Songs is brilliantly easy on the ears, but once the emotional payload is delivered, it’s anything but an easy listen. And “wasted?” Not hardly.

A common sophomoric “insight” into music is that we only have 12 notes, and that this imposes some upper limit on the possibility of musical expression. It’s not like it’s hard to demolish this idea with combinatorial mathematics, but both the argument and refutation are beside the point when you consider music made by real musicians. The particular case of She Swings She Sways is one where a group constrains themselves to simple instrumentation, simple melodies and simple lyrics. In terms of musical choices and instrumentation, they use nothing that wasn’t available 200 years ago. Well there’s a bit of electric guitar, but I’ve no doubt they’d be every bit as charming without them. And …

December 9th, 2008

She Swings, She Sways featured on Blog Talk Radio


She Swings, She amazing folk band from Ottumwa, album “Wasted Love Songs” out now.

December 1st, 2008

The JDB & She Swings, She Sways hits Japan!

Authentic Records received word a few days ago that the Josh Davis Band and She Swings, She Sways will be featured on Gone Fishing for Blue Skies the week of November 30th through December 6th. Be sure to check out Gone Fishing for Blue Skies to see which tracks are chosen for play!

November 26th, 2008

Wildy’s World ‘Wasted Love Songs’ Review

Wildy’s World: Review: She Swings, She Sways

She Swings, She Sways – Wasted Love Songs 2008, Authentic Records
From the home of Radar O’Reilly, Ottumwa, Iowa, comes She Swings, She Sways, an interesting Americana sextet you need to know a little more about. She Swings, She Sways has a very homey feel, like music you might play with friends sitting around a kitchen table on a Saturday night. It’s that at home feel that lends much of the charm to the band’s full length debut, Wasted Love Songs. Each band member contributed to the subject matter here. Stories of love lost or unrequited in the voice of Midwest sensibility and caution reach a crescendo of melancholy that approaches beauty. She Swings, She Sways tells their stories.

She Swings, She Sways has an easy on the ears, somewhat melancholy Americana sound that will set you at ease right off the bat. What I Wouldn’t …

November 15th, 2008

New Music Inferno & She Swings, She Sways

The New Music Inferno w/Special Guests Throw The Fight And She Swings, She Sways

She Swings, She amazing folk band from Ottumwa, Iowa
New album “Wasted Love Songs” out now…

November 12th, 2008

News from the road: She Swings, She Sways

She Swings, She Sways has spent the last four weeks on the great American highway. Starting out in our hometown of Ottumwa, Iowa we have worked our way across the Midwest, the deep South, and we are currently holed up in a friends apartment which is located a quarter-mile from the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

And what exactly, have we been doing with ourselves? Why playing shows, of course. From packed bars in Memphis, to open-mic nights in Charlotte, SC. With a metal band in Houston, to all by ourselves for a four hour show in Athens, GA.
There have been a few highlights along the way – Wes broke two strings in one night; he swears he’s never broken a guitar string in his entire life. John has made it a goal to climb something in every state. Jason got pulled over by the local fuzz along the back roads …

August 11th, 2008

She Swings, She Sways

She Swings, She Sways

She Swings, She Sways’ range of influences is wide, combining rocking two-beat stomp, soulful lovelorn lyrics, & lilting pop melodies.

October 19th, 2006
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