AUTHENTIC RECORDS OFFICE: 2604 Beaver Ave. • Des Moines, IA 50310 • 515.243.1485

COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR & Online sales – Emma peterson
Have some burning questions about Authentic Records you need answered? Run ‘em past Emma. She’s the go-to person when you need answers to general questions about Authentic Records. Emma also travels with The Nadas and is the founder of Tikly, a ticketing service that puts tickets back in the hands of artists.

Marketing and Promotions – Jason Walsmith
Not only does Jason Walsmith play the role of singer/songwriter for the band The Nadas, he also manages marketing and promotions for Authentic Records. If you have any questions in regards to these areas, Jason’s your man. And did you know he’s a photographer as well? It’s true. Check out his work here.

Business Manager – Mike Butterworth
Along with Jason, Mike Butterworth is more than just a singer/songwriter for the band The Nadas, he’s also the general business manager of Authentic Records. If you got biz questions or comments, he’s the man you want.