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Fat Andy Helps to Raise Money for Parkersburg, IA

After reading through dozens of websites dedicated to the Parkersburg tornado, Authentic Records’s artist Fat Andy decided to do their part to help out the small, Iowa town. Parkersburg is a track written and recorded to help raise money for the Community Memorial Site for the Tornado Victims of Parkersburg. If you would like to donate please go to Authentic Records online and purchase the track at whatever price you wish. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

“At 4:59pm, May 25, 2008, a category EF5 tornado tore through the town of Parkersburg, IA destroying hundreds of homes, many businesses, and taking 8 lives including 2 from local New Hartford, IA. It was a miracle that more lives were not lost that day. Since then, the rebuilding of the town has been incredible with help from all over the nation. Memorial Day Weekend 2009 is our Renewal with Remembrance Weekend to not only …

May 25th, 2009

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