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She Swings, She Sways announce new tour dates!

It’s true. She Swings, She Sways could be coming to a town near you! And soon! Check out their updated schedule by clicking on ‘Tour‘ above or head on over to their ArtistData page to get the latest dates and info directly from the band.

March 2nd, 2010

Free She Swings, She Sways tunes!

Yes. You read that right, FREE tunage from She Swings, She Sways. Just head on over to PureVolume ( to download 6 songs off their EP Six Sad Songs.

February 16th, 2010

News from the road: She Swings, She Sways

She Swings, She Sways has spent the last four weeks on the great American highway. Starting out in our hometown of Ottumwa, Iowa we have worked our way across the Midwest, the deep South, and we are currently holed up in a friends apartment which is located a quarter-mile from the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

And what exactly, have we been doing with ourselves? Why playing shows, of course. From packed bars in Memphis, to open-mic nights in Charlotte, SC. With a metal band in Houston, to all by ourselves for a four hour show in Athens, GA.
There have been a few highlights along the way – Wes broke two strings in one night; he swears he’s never broken a guitar string in his entire life. John has made it a goal to climb something in every state. Jason got pulled over by the local fuzz along the back roads …

August 11th, 2008