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‘Messages From Mars’ on 105.1 KCCQ!

Congrats to the Josh Davis Band! Messages from Mars off Get Awesome was the #3 most requested song on 105.1 FM, Des Moines, IA last week. Wanna keep ‘em there? Just keep requesting! Call 515-232-0105 or text Messages From Mars to 55981.

January 14th, 2009

New Josh Davis Band Ringtones!

Looking for a new ringtone? How about rocking out to Tambourine Girl every time your phone rings? Head on over to Sprint to download ANY track from the Josh Davis Band’s Get Awesome as a ringtone. Forewarning, if you do this, you may not want to answer your phone ever again.

January 5th, 2009

Josh Davis Band releases “Get Awesome” today!

You’ve been teased by the EP “Mix Tape;” you had an idea of what was coming; you’ve heard the songs played live and thought to yourself, “this sounds awesome!” Well now you can get awesome buy purchasing the third full-length album from our own Josh Davis Band, “Get Awesome.” Just click here and buy the download OR get more for your money and buy the CD – it contains two bonus tracks not available with the download. The choice is yours, but either way today is the day to Get Awesome.

September 30th, 2008