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ZachIsHere : The Nadas @ Record Bar 03/27/09

ZachIsHere : The Nadas @ Record Bar 03/27/09 : Full Article

This past Friday Chris, Dustin, and I walked down the street to Record Bar to watch The Nadas. Chris and I first encountered The Nadas at Highlight Midwest from meeting the lead singer\guitar player Jason Walsmith. The Des Moines based group has been going at it for 15 years and that maturity came through in their show. I have seen a lot of great shows and talented groups at Record Bar but a lot of times you run into up and coming groups who are trying too hard and not just playing music, there is nothing gimmicky about The Nadas.

It all started pretty laid back and as the show went on the energy picked up. One thing that I really love in a group is good harmonies harmonies. The strong focus on clear vocals and great harmony was obvious. They …

March 31st, 2009

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St. Joe : Maturity and Innovation – The Nadas

St. Joe : Maturity and Innovation : Full Article

Playboy magazine once called The Nadas “the best college band you’ve never heard of.” But in recent years, the Des Moines folk rock quintet has undergone a change. What’s the change, you might ask?

“A collective 40 pounds,” laughs vocalist/guitarist Mike Butterworth. “No, I think we’re just a little more mature now.”

As the former Iowa State students entered their 30s, the band’s lyrical content changed. With their 2008 album “The Ghosts Inside These Halls,” songs about hook-ups and hangovers were replaced by songs about family and finance. The album helped to expand the group’s Midwest fanbase, gaining both older and younger listeners.

“I think we’ve always been known as a college band,” says Jason Walsmith, the band’s other guitarist and vocalist. “Maybe we’re getting a little bit farther from our college days, but the kids still really like us.”

The Nadas have also been …

March 24th, 2009

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Des Moines Register : Second Song of Year-Long Almanac Released

Des Moines Register : Nadas Release Second Song of Year-Long Almanac : Full Article

Jason Walsmith, frontman for Des Moines-based rock band the Nadas, recorded vocals last week for the band’s newest song, “Long Goodbye.” A mere couple days later the track was mixed, mastered and ready for an 8:45 a.m. debut during drive time on local radio station KPTL-FM “Capital” 106.3.

“Long Goodbye” is the February installment of the Nadas’ new album-in-progress, “Almanac.” It’s a year-long project in which the band creates and releases one song per month. The work will culminate in the band’s ninth studio album, to be released at about this time next year.

“I think that by spacing it out … it will give you a snapshot of the whole year,” Walsmith explained.

Every part of the artistic process is documented for subscribers to the Nadas’ Almanac Web site, The band (Walsmith, singer/guitarist Mike Butterworth, bassist Jon Locker, …

March 6th, 2009

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Music Fog : The Nadas

Music Fog : The Nadas : Full Article

February 19th, 2009

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The Nelson-Atkins Blog : Fashion and Fun – The Nadas

The Nelson-Atkins Blog : Fashion and Fun : Full Article

A rockin’ peformance by the Nadas got the dance floor hopping. Playboy magazine called them the “best college band you’ve never heard of” and they certainly earned that honor. They kept the crowd energized with their upbeat songs, strong guitar and jamming bass lines. My favorite part was their “snipit montage” which included songs by Michael Jackson and AC/DC.

January 26th, 2009

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SoundSugar : The Nadas

SoundSugar : The Nadas : Full Article

If you’ve ever taken a road trip headed West on I-80 from Davenport to Council Bluffs, Iowa, you’d probably want the entire Nadas catalogue as your soundtrack. Come to think of it, the music of the Nadas would make an excellent companion for traversing the whole great big beautiful Midwest.

And with the addition of their latest album, The Ghosts Inside These Halls, you’ll probably want to bring them along on all your other journeys, too.

The Nadas’ own journey began in Ames, Iowa, in 1994. Like so many American bands, the Nadas started as a way for its members to pass the time between college classes. Unlike so many American bands, the Nadas outlasted their educations and rode a growing fan base to a genuine, honest-to-goodness career.

And what a career it has been. The Nadas are anchored by the twin vocals of Mike Butterworth and …

January 9th, 2009

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Reformissionary : Best Albums of 2008 : The Nadas

Reformissionary : Music Monday : Best Albums of 2008 : Full Article

The Nadas: The Ghosts Inside These Halls — The definition of “bar band” has a pic of these guys. More accessible than The Hold Steady and more straight up real. Nothing fancy here. It’s just good ol’ rock music meant for people who drink beer and still high-five.

December 22nd, 2008

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E’s Song of the Day : Pinks : The Nadas, Walk Away

E’s Song of the Day : Pinks : The Nadas, Walk Away

Last night we were watching another episode of Pinks. For those who don’t know, Pinks is a drag racing show in which competing teams race for the other team’s ride. We were talking about our boy Ronin changing his ringtone to the end credits theme,so I found the song and thought I’d use it for today’s “song of the day”. From the hit speedtv show Pinks, The Nadas, singing “Walk Away.” Enjoy…

December 17th, 2008

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Des Moines Register : The Nadas dream of a green Christmas

Des Moines Register : The Nadas dream of a green Christmas

The Nadas play their last local show of 2009 Friday with their annual Nada Silent Night concert, a benefit for Toys for Tots. It’s the band’s sixth year putting on the show. We sat down with band members Jason Walsmith and Mike Butterworth to answer a few questions about the popular holiday show and their Christmas faves.

DREAMING OF A GREEN CHRISTMAS: Each year the band tries to do something a little different with the show. This year they’re going for a green theme: printing fewer posters, focusing on digital press, and using recyclable wristbands for attendees and more efficient LED Christmas lights instead of regular ones. Decorations on stage are made from old cardboard boxes, and the silent auction before the event benefits green building projects for Habitat for Humanity.

The show will also be streamed on the band’s Web site …

December 4th, 2008

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Indie Music Wave : Homegrown Music Showcase – The Nadas

Radio Cafe Herford 103 : The IndieMusicWave Homegrown Music Showcase #185 Vol. 564

Indie Music Wave Presents Homegrown Music Showcase with your host Carmen Allgood through her nationally syndicated weekly radio show, The Colorado Wave and the Indie Music Wave, is currently carried on over a hundred stations across the country.

Penchant – Til The Moon Goes Away
The Nadas – Life Becomes Me
Cary Fly Band – Crazy
United Dope Front – Ah Yes, America
Christine Costanzo – Huck Finn
Jon Dakota – Don’t Try To Get Even
Encompass – Steam Wagon
Jill Stevenson – This Time Around
Steve Robinson – Class Clown
AA Kutt – Maggie And Mollie
Richard Snow – Real
The Smackers – Fixer Upper

November 26th, 2008

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